June 9, 2023

So I decided to transcribe the messages I received from Astra, the psychic/mystic I went to see in Barbados almost three years ago. I felt it’s important because what she said has been manifesting itself and well, I always try to record things in more than one place.

It began on the twentieth of May, 2001:

A woman is sending me negative energy.

I am able to ward it off.

Spirits surrounding me strongly.

I am naturally psychic. (Although I didn’t write it down, it stunned me momentarily when she told me: I can move things with my mind. That I had to be careful how I got angry because of it. In retrospect, Baba Olatunji told me the same thing last year; to be careful not to get angry.)

I will meet a man who will help me to develop my potential. He is from Panama.

New romance.

Female desperately seeking my downfall.

Going to go to New York. (Somebody will have to pay for my ticket, my hotel, my food and transport and still force me.)

Visitors in August or September. Names to look out for: Jennifer, Brian, Carol. (Which August/September?)

Old gentleman who is high in the arts, belongs to a lodge.

I will plan a show or event.

I will have my own business and it will grow from strength to strength.

New romance; he isn’t honest with me, but it will last a while.

Stay near water, it will give me great spiritual energy.

About to have a fertility problem and suffer the inability to concieve.

Guard against sickness, anxiety and depression, it will weaken me spiritually.

Don’t stay in one place for too long. Keep moving.

Name to look for: Vicki.

A friend of mine will be destroyed by fire.

A lot of people secretly gossiping about me.

Man in my life is a man from a past life.

Two children in the future.

I have the ability to create something in Barbados never done before. I will reach a new level and it’s where I want to be.

A change in residence coming in the future.

Important news comes in the mail.

She was picking up a sad energy about someone who is sick.

She said I was stern with people. That I don’t ‘cool out’.

I am an academic, scholarly person.

I have been betrayed by someone.

I am very cautious. I think a lot before I talk or speak.

Cross the water.

Will meet a nice friend from Jamaica with a cocoa brown complexion and short dreads about 20 years old.

I must get into Egyptian methodologies; Egyptian things pull me like a magnet.

My energy effects other people.

Material success coming.

The time will come when I will seek purification.

I will have a son who is very intelligent.

I am more comfortable at night.

Midday is the best time for me to do rituals. 2.30pm – 5pm in the afternoon.

Enemy coming at me and will cause me great stress. Do spirit work to keep their powers down.

In a past life I was a priest and a teacher. I was an example and to many and showed the path to light.

My pyramid energies are compatible.

Inner part of me is unknown but very powerful. I should only use that power to help people.

My girl child will be on the spirutal path; a healer with knowledge of herbs.

Something negative about the children’s father. He needs to give more attention to the children.

Yoga helps to expand my awareness beyond the physical. Yoga is the path to harmony with the spirits.

Cats and I communicate on a spiritual level.

A lot of the good things to come, I have to get back. (?)

Crank calls made by a malicious person.

Beware of an Indian Muslim man.

In my family, a young man is involved with drugs.

I will have my own car, a mortgage and independence.

Blue puts me in a different frame of mind.

Important phone call.

Going to do some further studies.

Will meet a wonderful man, a businessman named John.

People underestimate my powers and don’t believe me to be for real.

Nephew is coming forward and will be close to my children.

I was to receive scholarship but there was some block against it.

My son will be athletic.

Names to look for: Marion or Maureen. A lady who is a nurse and there’s a promotion for her.

An old boyfriend who wants to come back in my life, but leave him to himself.

Something, someone will will something over to me by law, but they are delaying and playing the fool.

If I am to go out, and my clothes tear or shoes break, just don’t go!

Michael is in this reading, he is going places.

Crossing the sea with a man who will choose me to go with him to represent his new business. His last name is Elliot.

I will meet someone from the Orient.

Something about my mother. Have to get even. She has deprived me too many times; my mother is holding me back. Do not trust my mother… she’s not ‘for me’.

Music is something that calms me down.

Women are going to give me trouble in my marriage.

Marriage with a foreigner.

David is a man in my future to come.

Memorise the language to call up the spirits. Soon to go on a spiritual course.

Need spiritual baths, 3 or four to complete the cycle to cleanse myself.

Brown rice in my diet.

Need to take a goat-milk bath to calm the energies around me.

I must meditate more.

New job ahead of time.

Must have a Barclays account; money will come from overseas and my getting it will be dependent on a Barclays account.

When I go away I need to go by a river.

Seeing travel in Brazil or Cuba.

Very important warning in a dream.

Will be spending time in the UK.

I have the ability to form a community that stands out here in Barbados.

Prepare for hurricanes or earthquakes in a particular country I am in.

Put calcium and iron in my diet.

I will teach students to be aware of their heritage and where they come from.

I am living a very lonely life, seeking signs to better my life.

Walking barefoot in certain places gives me access to certain energies.

The best medicine for me is bush medicine anytime I get sick.

Never giive out my pictures, keep them safe,

Listen to Spirit of Silence. This is my guardian angel.

A darkskinned, hair straightened in her late thirties. She is very fashionable and very envious of me. She is also deeply in debt. SHE IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Is her name Kathy?

A double dealing man high up in the lodge and magic arts. This man will do anything to get with me sexually. Wears spectacles and a beard (goatee). Married with children. Wise man and intelligent. His looks are decieving. He runs on the beach in the morning and he has an altar in his house where he does his magic. He wants me because of my power.

A short, plum woman with braided hair and a nice shape. Wears a gold chain with a ring. Twenty-two. ENEMY!

My son’s education will not all be in Barbados.

A great sacrifice is coming.

If I dream of walking on the left side of the road, look for proposal and travel.

Mummy will suffer from glaucoma, kidney and bladder problems.

Someone is peeoping at me. Spying on me.

School friend that really cares about me, she lives in Canada or the US. Picking up the Bronx. (My note: could this be Connie?)

If anyone comes to my house and I am picking a negative energy, bad vibe, I should do a banishing ritual.

Watch that the older ‘son’ of Keffi’s will not go astray. Watch, she is prone to bad compnay; dabbling in black magic and evil.

Picking up something about drama and the theatre.

Energy is much calmer after.

Secret will be discovered and will come.

Maintain a cheerful disposition all the time. This will help to bring me clarity and action.

Old woman will really need my help.

Be careful, prepare for hurricanes and earthquakes or earth tremors.

Keep away from too much sugar, use honey instead.

I was a high priest.



3 and 8 are numbers of the trinity; carry these.

Burn frankincense in the house.

Spirituality will lead to wealth and happiness.


That was it.

Many of the things she said has happened; some of it is happening, manifesting itself as I type. Some of it I haven’t recognised as happening yet.

However, I think if I hadn’t had the gotten that reading, that I would be in a worse off place than I am right now.

If the good and kind spirits that have always surrounded me, and still surround me, hadn’t been looking out for me and protecting me, things would have been so much worse.

Modupe Oludumare! Modupe Mama Osun! Modupe Baba Ifa! Modupe Gbogbo Orisa! Modupe Egun! Modupe Astra!


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dayo's mama, writer, web developer, orisha devotee, omo yemoja, dos aguas, apple addict, obsessive reader, sci-fi fan, blog pig, trini-bajan, book slut, second life entrepreneur, combermerian, baby mama, second life, music, music, music!


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