November 29, 2023

I told my mother on Saturday about my dream about the worms and riding them, the little house and Iya and her wilted, shrunken arm. She says the beach and seeing the water in my dream meant transformation and the house was myself, Iya in the house with a shrunken arm meant I had outgrown her.

That same night I had another dream.

My friends, the youngwings from work, we together in a city that was Port-of-Spain but not with the typical PoS features. For one thing, several rivers ran through the city. In any case, the city was under attack by some foreign, possibly alien entity.

As me an the youngwings converged on an abandoned building, bombshelled, but still structurally sound I believe it was so kind of school, further from the worst of the fighting, we began to organise. More people began to pour in, and we were taking care of them. Me and my padawan began to seal up the area.

When I say seal, I mean we went from window to window, room to room and sealed them with a kind of pink-hued force field. While she was throwing the force field, I began to repair the building…. I began to create steel and wood… nails and rivets and we sealed the building, protecting these refugees from the fighting; children and grownups among them.

We went outside to seal the property, the two of us, walking around and pulling a force field up over the building and stretching right around the grounds. As we were getting about five minutes from completion, the attackers breached the wall. I told the padawan we must finish, and another of the youngwings, and others I didn’t know, began resisting the aggressors. Suddenly, there was a group of children on the steps in front of the building. They were so small, only a few inches tall and I noticed them, and the fighting was getting dangerously close to them.

My mind kicked my ass into gear, I knew the only way to get them back to their normal size was to grab them all and get them out of harms way. I yelled to the padawan, finish the seal… I ran across the front yard/lawn place and took the steps two at a time, reaching down and grabbing these two dozen or so tiny, miniature kids, and dropped them all into my T Shirt, now tucked in to whatever I was wearing, turned and helped the padawan finish. Just as the last invader was brought down.

Then I woke up.

When I told my mother, she said that my power was growing, and I was getting stronger.

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