June 6, 2023

Pinched From: Monet

::15 Random Favorites::

1: The Lover (Film)
2: rivers
3: vacations
4: The Lord Of The Rings (all things)
5: Miles Davis — Kind Of Blue
6: the sound of the rain
7: Flirting (Film)
8: writing (stories, blog entries, poems, code)
9: ocean
10: Nina Simone
11: Star Trek Voyager
12: fellatio
13: Smirnoff Ice
14: The Scent Of Green Papya (Film)
15: Sunflower (plant, perfume, seeds, oil, colour)

::14 Favorite Foods::
1: vegetarian lasagne (mine)
2: pelau
3: falafel
4: fajitas
5: roti (potato, channa, pumpkin, spinach, mango, pommecythere if I can get it… my gawd… ah does massecrete!)
6: enchiladas
7: pizza
8: subway subs
9: strawberries
10: Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut chocolate bars
11: broccoli
12: mushrooms
13: pineapple
14: pommecythere/dunks

::13 Most Watched Shows::
1: Bill Mahr on Friday Night
2: SG 1
3: The L Word
4: Queer As Folk
5: Dead Like Me
6: Six Feet Under
7: I Love The 80s
8: Quantum Leap
9: X Files
10: VH1 Top Twenty Countdown
11: It’s A Mad, Mad World
12: Enterprise
13: Soul Food

::12 Good Music Groups::

1: Live
2: Miles Davis Quintet
3: No Doubt
4: De La Soul
5: A Tribe Called Quest
6: Fairground Attraction
7: Led Zepplin
8: Tesla
9: The Darkness
10: The Wailers
11: Red Hot Chili Peppers
12: Extreme

::11 Memories::
1: Coffee Fridays with Keffi, back when it was just me and her, liming in the coffee shop in St James. Those cool Friday afternoons after work, that now take on a lustre and sheen, because of her death. I remember how I would almost always get there first, and I would sit there and watch the door, waiting for her to show up. Whenever she got there first, I’d walk in and she’d be watching the door. I think even in those days, when we started meeting like that, that she was going to die. I think on a soul level, we both knew. We’d order two shots of coffee, and ask for them to pour it into a latte cup, and we’d sit and smoke cigarettes, read poetry to each other and talk about men, sex babies, fear and heartbreak. I miss those things, simple little rituals we had and the depth of our friendship. I miss the way in which we always stuck up for, and loved each other no matter what. Those kinds of friends only come along once, maybe twice in your lifetime if you’re lucky. They’re like the great love you have for a man, and the great love you have for a child. They’re part of who you are, and you them. I miss my sister. Miss her bad.

2: Summer of 1991 when I met Boobie and fell in love for the first time.
3: Summer of 1992 the last time a man loved me unconditionally; the only man who ever has.
4: My fifth birthday party, which also happened to be the year that Mount Soufriere erupted in St. Vincent and rained ash on Barbados like snow, as soon as the sun went down. I remember sitting in my grandfather’s lap on the verandah and watching it come down, with the sunset burning red in the West.
5: The day we moved to Trinidad in 1993, spending two days on a little ferry boat, and reaching there and getting a truck to unload seventeen suitcases, boxes and baskets (like refugees from our childhood in Barbados.) I remember the melee of the port in Trinidad, and the hustle to get a truck to deliver our things and us to Woodbrook, and getting to this empty flat, and finding one 3 inch foam 4×6, and one 3 inch foam single mattress, a tea trolley and a coffee table, and the whole apartment smelling heavily of dog. Tell me about trips. Tell me about wanting to escape Barbados so bad, and going home to Trinidad with no mother, no grandmother, no parents at all, that I had never felt free like I did in that moment. I felt awfully grown up. I was nineteen.
6: Losing my virginity.
7: Miscarrying.
8: Opening the first cybercafe in Barbados, and the amount of hard work that went to it.
9: Sunhead’s launch party, July 1, 1996.
10: The 6th Caribbean Women Writer’s Conference, in Wellesley, Massachusetts.
11: DC during the last elections in the US (2000)

::10 Close Friends::
1: Eastlyn (Yardie since 1976)
2: Risee (Yardie since 1999)
3: Giselle (Yardie since 1987)
4: Falene (Yardie since 1983)
5: Danielle (my favourite and closest cousin)
6: Thomas (my foster dad and one of my best friends)
7: Jomo (my twin, born 15 months apart)
8: Adrian (Yardie since 1992)
9: Graham (Yardie since 1983)
10: Simone (Yardie since 1998)

::09 Things you’re looking forward to::
1: Britain this summer
2: regular good sex for at least two or three years
3: my driver’s license
4: a baby
5: my husband
6: money enough to achieve visions
7: writing
8: helping people
9: sunhead as a recognised brand

::08 Things you wear daily::
1: five yellow beads on my right hand, to signify I am a child of Osun
2: fifty seven alternating green and red-brown beads on my left to signify I am a child of Orunmila.
3: toe ring
4: belly button ring
5: tongue ring
6: four drop silver choker
7: perfume (obsession, sunflower, tresor, issey miyake or contradiction)
8: smile

::07 Things That Annoy You::
1: fear
2: selfishness born out of fear
3: greed born out of fear
4: violence born out of fear
5: racism born out of fear
6: intolerance born out of fear
7: misogyny born out of fear

::06 Things You Touch Everyday::
1: the beads on my right hand
2: the beads on my left
3: my laptop
4: my fridge door
5: my pussy
6: my breasts

::05 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over::
1: The Lover
2: The Fifth Element
3: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
4: Any Star Wars
5: Flirting/Rabbit Proof Fence

::04 Of Your Favorite Childhood Toys::
1: Atari
2: My Black Baby Doll (that drank and wet, and proved to be a deadly weapon when teaching naughty boys their place.)
3: My Little Pony
4: My Scooter

::03 People You Have Kissed::
1: Thad
2: Kelvin
3: Andrew

::02 Of Your Favorite Songs::
1: “The Ode To Joy”by Beethoven
2: “Wild Is The Wind” – Nina Simone

::01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With::
1: YMK


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dayo's mama, writer, web developer, orisha devotee, omo yemoja, dos aguas, apple addict, obsessive reader, sci-fi fan, blog pig, trini-bajan, book slut, second life entrepreneur, combermerian, baby mama, second life, music, music, music!


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