June 2, 2023

I’ve been following this drama in Venezuela for a few years, I can’t really help it, my grandmother was Venezuelan. I still have Uncles and cousins in Venezuela, and what is happening in the country, is happening to them as well.

For the last few years, there has been a great deal of political unrest in Venezuela, mostly due to the efforts being made to excise Chavez from his position. And why?

This article by Aleksander Boyd, writing for vcrisis.com, rips apart the NY Times, the BBC and the Guardian’s coverage of the recent turmoil in Venezuela, glossing over Chavez’s growing misdeeds.
He outlines many of the grievances many Venezuelans. It’s a bitter piece of writing. It’s clear, at least from Boyd’s perspective, that neither the have a fucking clue what they’re talking about, and at the least, are couching their reporting in one way or another.

Two years ago, Chavez’s opponents tried to take Venezuela in a coup. I remember at the time, when the US policy makers were asked to comment, the talk was like, “Well we can’t get involved. Chavez got himself into a pickle, and he’ll have to sink or swim.”

This article on democracynow.org, goes into some greater detail on precisely how the this government agency, the National Endowment for Democracy, has been spending money in Venezuela, training and funding organisations that were opposed to Chavez, and involved in efforts to call this referendum that the Venezuelan people are marching and protesting about.

Informationclearinghouse.info reports that the NED, which is the spender of all this money, is a routine meddler in people’s affairs.

In his article, Boyd says:

…be advised that no one in the “anti-Chavez camp” want the Bush administration to mediate in any way. The truly democratic people of Venezuela want one thing only: a recall referendum under transparent conditions.

I find the nauseating, glaring hypocrisy of the Bush Administration’s foreign policy, amazing. Even if Chavez is delaying and hemming and hawing to go back to the polls, how can the US continue to say they are not involved in Venezuela.

Since George Bush’s White House, who did not win the popular vote in America, it seems as if no one else must have democracy either. They’ve had a frightening hand in quite a bit of leader deposing over the last five years. Count it up. They claim to fight for demoocracy, but they are the antithesis of democracy. Hypocrites.

It wouldn’t surprise me, if George Bush got up one day, a declared himself President for Life.

So what’s the deal with Chavez?

Jeremy Bigwood, a freelance journalist, obtained documents detailing the NED’s spending in Venezuela. He makes an observation that I concur with, that it’s a repeat of the US activities in Nicaragua, trying to oust the Sandanista government out of power. They spent almost twenty dollars a head, in getting people to vote against the Sandinistas.

It’s interesting that the US is spending all this money and effort to get rid of democratically elected governments all over the Hemisphere. What the ass is going on in America? Allyuh crack in ya skin or what? In face of all this shit, how can Republicans defend their President? I mean, come on!

The swift replacement of Aristide in Haiti, and Condoleeza Rice’s loose definition of democracy, allowing her to describe a panel of ’emminent persons’ — one opposition, one Lavalas and one nternational community member — as being responsible for appointing the new interim President, as fucking democratic, makes one wonder exactly who in America be-LIE-ve’s in democracy as practised by the Bush Administration.

The ability to deploy it’s forces around the world to oppress all who oppose their aims and perspective, is a stunning display of greed and avarice. Does any of this strike you as a little fucking frantic and frightening to watch? How can the people in America continue to blindly empower racist, elitist, mookum flau governments like the Bush Administration. Get his ass out of the White House!!

I think what is interesting here, is the pattern that has emerged from the Bush Administration’s foreign policy. Disagree, and we will engineer your downfall, one way or another.

In Venezuela’s case, the only reason they’re not being more overt I guess, is because Venezuela is the fourth largest supplier of oil to the US. Also, Chavez has been up and down the Caribbean, making deals with the Caricom member states for supplying of oil, he has been very friendly with Fidel; all this is reason enough for the US to wade in and start fucking with Chavez.

Ironically, Chavez had said Condoleeza Rice was illiterate. I am inclined to agree. And a sell out as well.

It’s also important to note, that there have been demonstrations in Venezuela in support of Chavez, and who are in opposition to the referendum.


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dayo's mama, writer, web developer, orisha devotee, omo yemoja, dos aguas, apple addict, obsessive reader, sci-fi fan, blog pig, trini-bajan, book slut, second life entrepreneur, combermerian, baby mama, second life, music, music, music!


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