June 2, 2023

matt_leinescabinetI say that a few people did this late last year, and not to be out done, I’m writing a little love fest to my favourites list…. especially since there won’t be another post from me until next week Tuesday (my birthday, yeah!)

It’s so nice to read the thoughts of a young urban Afrikan. I think you’re a good guy, and I love “The Prefix!!” I think you have IT, and you’re going to make it one day!!

Ahhh…. my young padawan. You’re going to be all right. I see you’re coming up off of some morose shit, but I know you’re going to be okay. You should write more. Learn your craft, hone your skills, write until you have nothing left to say, but above all, KEEP WRITING!!! You’ll be alright!

Well, well my dear, not only do you write entries that touch me, because I share and identify so much with your experiences, but girl, you can write! Your sentence contrustruction, set up and follow through are great. You should be writing more! Keep writing PLEASE! I know ya now reach, but the quality of your writing is compelling, and I hope blogging becomes a great tool for improving and encouraging you to explore.

I’ve been reading your blog on lurker status for a few months, and find your writing to be among the funniest on JS; anywhere for that matter. When you write about local LA stuff, I am often lost, having never been to LA and having no frame of references. However, that you can still make an alien world so interesting to me, and make me laugh, even when I don’t know who or what you’re on about is very impressive. I love that you’ve been a journalist for so long! You know, it’s one of those little commonalities we talked about before. Respect!

You are such a naughty boy you boobie-obsessed fruuitcake, but I love your personality. I want to tell you something flowery about your writing, but your blog isn’t one of those and I would never accuse you of being a serious blogger. You’re having some fun and that’s cool; I like that.

I would like to see you post more. I am hoping that you won’t abandon or delete your blog, and start writing more. I’ve seen some posts that indicate some good writing, and well I appreciate your perspective, and we kind of have the same name. So come back, post something for Big Mami, oui?

What could I tell you that I don’t tell you all the time already? I love you, and it continues to amaze me that you ended up being one my best friends. Somethings were inevitable I guess. If it wasn’t for you, monilove23 and toonkii, I think I would have lost my mind after Keffi died. So thank you for being my friend, for letting go of our differences and loving me despite everything. It has been a pleasure and growth experience in the extreme being your friend. I hope I’ve been able to impart as much as I have gained and I really do love you.

I think you’re cool. I like your comments, and often the way your mind thinks. Still can’t find that JS Calendar post. You’re a big hearted dude, and I respect that. Your writing is really interesting stuff, I just would like to see better punctuation, proper case usage, and spell checking. I think if you made that effort, all those raw diamonds you post, would start to shine so brightly, I think you’d surprise yourself.

Developing novel? Going pretty good.

Your blog is beautiful! I find the pictures with the almost haiku-short poems to be moving on a purely esoteric level, and even those expressing anger or constriction of some sort, invoke a kind of serenity and beauty. Keep it up!

I only just found your journal, but after reading from the top to the bottom, I was so interested in what you wrote, I saved you as a favourite, and am eagerly awaiting more posts. I find your writing eclectic and very interesting.

Jay, you’re one of the nicest and friendliest JS-ers around, and I appreciate your comments always!! I hope you start posting more, because you’re the reason why I can say I have friends Blessings and Good Things

Girl, you can write! I know we cooking up something, so I won’t say more.

Keefs, I love you. Our lives have been so inexplicably linked and relinked, I find it hard to believe we weren’t meant to become and remain friends. I was glad I could be your all-purpose Best Person and Official Witness at your wedding to Vic. Your blog, is this blog’s father, did you know that. Check it out in my BlogTree.com profile… there’s a link to the left. Blessings and Good Things Always!

Miss Laura, I think you should write more. I know you are busy with BF and Baby makes three, but I still miss reading your thoughts and such regular like.

One of the better written journals here on JS, I happen to enjoy your blog. Your post today in particular, is very good. I think the humour with which you write, is perfectly balanced with your sarcasm and such. I find myself rolling around on the bed giggling. That said, is there a reason why the text on your blog is grey on a white background? It’s so hard to read!

Miss miko…. gyul, ya hot no ass! I love your writing by the way. I find your life so interesting, and you give me vicarious thrills with your mischief! lol! I find your stories to invoke common elements in my own, and to appeal to my sense of craziness and wildness. You could only be a Trini chick… keep blogging! Love the new layout as well.

Why aren’t you posting more?

I miss the QOTDs. I know it’s gone down to QOTWs, but the QOTDs were great writing prompts. Other than that, I love your JS presence and personality. Your blog is one of fun indulgences. I also love your comments around here, especially in Baby Mama Drama. Other than that, keep blogging, around here wouldn’t be the same without you!

My compadre! My darling, you know I am a bit of a fag hag, and freely admit to it, but that’s not the reason why I love your blog. No, I love your blog because you are a writer. Because we have very similar interests, and are learning different ways of interacting with the same energies, when you write about metaphysics and your internalisation of your journey’s external signposts, I am glued to the screen. Your blog is one of the ones I enjoy the most on JS. I feel very much like you and I are going to meet in real life, and become life long friends. I feel it.

Why don’t you post more?

Why don’t you post more?

Ahhh…. truly, your blog is and has been a very strange read. I can never tell if what you’re writing is recollection, anecdotal or fiction. However, it’s a great read all the same. Maybe it’s me, I appreciate all good writing I’ve come across on JS, even if I don’t understand or agree with the perspective of the writer. Your blog’s little jaunts down what I perceive to be a rabbit hole, are quite engaging, compelling me to fall down said same hole in affinity. Keep writing!

Meh boy! Meh horse! Ordinary Hans, I love ya! You my yardie for life! You’re one of the few people on JS, that feels me on the tech. I also enjoy your writing, even the brief hilarious posts. Bless it up!!

Peddie-dahlink, you are in tie with smotty for best writer on JS. I do hope you seriously pursue and develop your talents. It would be a shame to deny the world a writer of your quality. Although, I was really disappointed when you take off and say fuck your blog for long periods, I so enjoy it when you decide to unpick your mouth and drop some science. Please keep it up. Please write more, even outside blogging.

Aww honey…. you’re just a sweetie! I think you’re fun, and I definitely will take you up on your offer to crash if I’m ever near to you. You and I could so definitely hang for real.

Why don’t you post more? This is one of the greatest tragedies of JS. You’re such a great writer, please, please, please! BTW: See ya on the UK side.

Hola Chica!! I love your comments most of all. I appreciate your support, and your blog is a lot of fun to read! You are also a very good turner of phrases, and that’s a pleasure to read.

I think you are a beautifully sensitive writer, and your maturity and wisdom shines through in your words. I find your history interesting, and your often precise assessment of the world’s homophobia, and your finding yourself outside of other people’s definitions, is an inspiration.

I am a smotlock comment whore. It’s the least I can do. Without a doubt the best writer here on JS. I actually don’t agree with everything you say, but you says it so well, all I can do is respect your position, and enjoy a real writer work. Your short stories are amazing, startling, varied, thought-provoking and intriguing. I love your blog…. keep blogging. I remember some time back, when you said you were going to blog less and write for money more, until I finished reading that post, I had made up my mind, that if your posts dwindled, and your presence diminished, I was out of here. I would set up an MT blog, and that would be it. I’ve told you this before, you’re like the Official Rebel around here, and you know I run a Caribbean Rebel Union. So there it is, smotty has my vote; when he goes, I go. (Don’t go smotty!) Then I’ll just read everything he publishes in print or else where.

Snark, I love you rwriting and the ferocity of your intellect. I get the feeling you are going to contribute some greatly needed colour to the monochromatic world of academia. Your perspectives on things, although occasionally they do go completely over my head, are a fascinating trip into the ‘desert of the real.’

I find your writing eclectic and immensely interesting. I hope you are publishing or actively seeking out publication, and I hope you continue to write.

Heh, heh, heh…. what can I say? Of all the friends I’ve made on JS, you’re the one I think I love the best. You’re my horse, chick!! I love reading your blog, although the whole BD thing causes me far too much worry. I think you and I so alike, we think the same way about so many things, yet were are so different too. I flinch when I read more Drama… but girl, you know I’m down with Baby Mama Drama.

Hola Mama! You are just fun… I think you are probably a lot of fun to hang out with in real life, and your blog is a lot of fun to read. I enjoy your words!!

Hey Fairy Queen! I love your poetry contest, and often wondered why you haven’t kept it up more?

Hey Vic! I am so very happy for you and keefs, all rosy and enjoy marital domesticity for the first time. I wish you especially liberation and freedom from that kind of separation ever again. Remember the long time and distance between you when the hard times show up to know. Your writing in your blog is very good, and you make the moments in your life resonate. Keep it up!


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dayo's mama, writer, web developer, orisha devotee, omo yemoja, dos aguas, apple addict, obsessive reader, sci-fi fan, blog pig, trini-bajan, book slut, second life entrepreneur, combermerian, baby mama, second life, music, music, music!


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