September 24, 2023

Tarot divination session number 5.

New deck, based loosely on Marseilles deck and the Rider Waite deck. Very beautiful deck, full of primary colours and the artwork is strong and defined. This deck jumped into my hand, and from the minute I unpacked them, they felt like mine.

The Marseilles deck I was using before was very hard to read, and I felt disembodied from the cards and their representations. This deck struck me, and spoke to me immediately.


Tarot divination session number 5

Celtic Cross spread.

Question: What is the future of my relationship with YMK?

Position 1: Queen of Wands (Significator)

This is me. This is the card that Aries rules in the Tarot.

Position 2: (Covering Card) The Emperor

Keywords: Authority, responsibility, promotion

This position relates to the present situation between us, and the atmosphere between us. Firmly rooted in the present, and what influences the question.

Interpretation:The Emperor represents structure. YMK is having difficulty expressing his emotions, and is repressing them and his feminine side. He has been a hunter and a seducer, and is used to dominating women. His blocked emotions are coming out in the heat and power of our sex, but he’s separating sex and love.

This card in this position, represents a graduation for both of us, the potential to build a rock solid partnership between us. He in particular, would need to work very hard to constructively merge our lives. We would both need to work hard until we get it right.

It could be or mean a long term relationship or lead to marriage between us, and there is hope that he would grow up and become a real man, a man who can be there for me in a major way. He realises it’s high time he graduated to manhood and he’s sensing he needs time to be emotionally ready for a serious monogamous relationship.

This could be the most important and challenging relationship in my life, because I’ve been waiting for a man of my own, and have been holding the image of him in my heart and mind for years, and he fills my ideal male archetype. A man who is always there for me, and on whom I can totally depend.

Position 3: (Cross Card) Page of Pentacles

Keywords: Small gains and losses.

This position denotes obstacles, blocks and potential opposition surrounding our situation at the moment.

Interpretation: He thinks he’s too young, feel good enough, rich enough or ready enough to be with me. He could end up playing a supporting role in my career, or in my life somehow.

Position 4: Four of Pentacles

Keywords: Financial Security

This position speaks about conscious plans and developments in the near future.

Interpretation: I feel I deserve to have everything I want, and want to be careful of being too possessive and suffocating him. I also think financially, material resources could be an issue in our relationship. It could also mean he could assure me and make me feel totally secure about our relationship, and that he is behind me 100 per cent, no matter what the circumstances. I know I need a man who will spend money on me, and set me up financially, but do not want to be overwhelmed by the relationship, or become stifled by it. This could also mean that he and I will take a while to develop into our potential, but will do so at a steady pace.

Position 5: Four of Swords (Reversed)

Keywords: Rest and recuperation

Difficulty in the Past: This card describes past influences, and the events leading up to this moment in time.

Interpretation: This card’s keywords are enforced rest. Indicates earlier warnings were ignored, and instead of choosing withdrawal, withdrawal was forced upon me. Nervous exhaustion over a prolonged period has caused physical problems, and mental stress. Socially and personally I’ve been lonely and friendships and relationships proved dissatisfying. ┬áPeople close to me, changing on me and my private life was dull and limited.

In this position, it says that it was only a phase and has now passed away.

Position 6:  Seven of Cups (Fantasy, Illusion, Choice)

Keywords: All that glitters is not gold.

Factors which passing away, but may still be effecting the relationship. The Last Of The Present.

Interpretation: I think this speaks directly about PHG and our relationship. This card warns of a fantasy relationship that exists only in my head, because the man does not feel the same way I do. Going wild and crazy over love, and having an illicit affair, that almost drove me crazy because I couldn’t really talk about it with anyone. It also speaks to my having premonitions and precognitive understanding of what my real mate would be like, long before he actually entered my life. It talks about me using my powers of visualisation to draw the right man in my life, and having to sample several men and having to narrow the field to just one. It talks about using my sixth sense to tap into the truth about someone with whom I am in love. It talks about paying attention to information received through dreams. I can see very clearly how all this relates to the recent past in my love life. Right down to the mentally drawing pictures and appealing to the Universe to send the right man, especially in the wake of the heartbreak PHG caused, and my own illusions and self-deceptions about the relationship.

Position 7: Ace of Cups

Keywords: Love and Creativity

The First of The Future. This card talks about new influences and people. This would be talking about the new relationship, and what it is uncovering, and presenting in my life.

Interpretation: It also suggests an exceptionally loving phase between us, passing and or preparing to pass. It’s also indicating pregnancy, gifts received, friendship strengthened. It talks about love, emotion and psychic powers.

The Ace of Cups is overflowing with the waters of love and creativity. It signifies joy, happiness, love and deep abiding friendships. It also represents the wellspring of creativity and self expression. Fire and water are both creative elements, but while fire seizes bright ideas from nowhere, water conceives and nurtures them.

When you draw the Ace of Cups in a spread, you are about to be inspired. Such inspiration may come through a new, important love affair, or be sparked off through colourful, wild dreams.

Emotionally, the Ace of Cups is literally in its element. You heart opens to another, special person. Mutual passion is experienced, and uplifting joyful emotions characterise your relationship. If you already seriously involved, this card indicates an exceptionally loving phase. Babies may be conceived or born, gifts received, friendships strengthened.

Also speaks to starting over with renewed caring in an established relationship and being madly in love with someone. Knowing that I may only get one crack at true love and love being at the heart of all that transpires.

It talks about learning to love oneself before learning to love another. Indicates a man I’ll never be tired of, and who opens me up sexually.

My feelings for him provide me with constant wonder.

The card talks about meeting one’s soul mate for the first time and experiencing and immediate and total physical attraction to him, unlike anything you have ever felt before. This card speaks to healing my emotional self with the help of my partner. This card speaks of meeting someone I was romantically involved with in a past life, and feeling an instant bond with him. It also speaks of knowing that he is truly in love with me.

Read in combination with Position number 3, it seems clear that whatever obstacles we both perceive in our relationship, we’re both capable of transcending these differences, and him overcoming his feelings of inadequacy.

Position 8: Five of Wands

Keywords: War Games, Minor Problems, Struggle, Challenge

This position reveals the state of mind, position or feelings about the matter at hand. The Future Environment.

Interpretation: When you draw the Five of Wands, the energetic qualities of fire are expressed in a competitive way. This is a testing time, and does involve a battle, yet the conflict retains elements of a game.

The card denotes a man caring so much, he cannot let go, both of us are deeply effected by mutual desire.

Indicates passionate love that will not fade away over time, but get hotter and hotter. Might lead to sexual obsession, him feeling him must have me no matter the consequences.

We are feeling so much for each other, that we’re liable to pick fights with each other. Both as a way to protect ourselves from feeling too much, as much as to keep things interesting between us.

One of us is afraid of intimacy, and this provides a challenge we both want.

This card encourages taking a risk in love. It indicates us pretending not to care, when we care deeply, and feeling suspicious of our own internal motivations.

Position 9: Queen of Pentacles

Keywords: Supportive, practical, kind

Outside influences, behaviour to expect from family, friends and acquaintances. Helpful and unhelpful influences.

Interpretation: Financial independence is a factor in this relationship. I have to get my career or material world together, because in this relationship it seems I may have to pay the bills or support him at some point, be the woman behind the man or being the creative resource from which he draws ideas and strategies.

Card denotes a wife and mother who nurtures everyone in her life without hesitation, handling the family money and budget for the household and being what is considered to be a good woman. Card also talks about becoming a healer or a caretaker of the earth.

Position 10: The Tower (Reversed)

Keywords: Preventable misfortune, disappointing blow.

Hopes and fears. Decisive warning and is the turning point in the reading. Need to work to attain what this card represents, if I want to meet the outcome of the reading.

Interpretation: This card indicates that what he is telling me, that he won’t allow himself to feel more than he can handle for me, is just a smoke screen. This is a reflection of his fear of intimacy and not his true feelings.

This cards also indicates my shock and disbelief that this man has arrived in my life, when I least expected him to and I could also cause a sudden change or show a rebellious attitude that can shock, upset and dismay him. This card indicates that an undesired event that could have been forseen or occurred over gradually over a period of time. We could break up, or separate for a while. We may come back together later as the relationship turns a corner and a breakthrough is arrived at, coming to understand each other. We are aware that there are momentous changes occurring between us. I think in this situation this relates to us both trying to protect our feelings, and trying to ward off the emotional entanglements of the relationship. It may seem like a negative situation, that later turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Position 11: The Magician

Keywords: Skill, confidence, communication.

The most likely outcome of the situation.


This talks about utilising unseen forces to move the relationship forward, and reaching a high point of optimism and confidence in how I approach romantic situations.

Initiating projects, having a sense of destiny and making creative ideas a reality are all possible when the Magician appears in a spread. The Fool’s schemes and dreams can evaporate without some practical, self-disciplined action.

The Magician helps you work towards a achieving goals, and you are feeling especially clear sighted and logical.

This is an unemotional card, sometimes suggesting that someone is out of touch with his or her feelings or who over-analyses everything.

Like the Fool, this is an androgynous card. Sexually, this can indicate a perfect balance between male and female forces, for this is the card of self-love, without which, a relationship soon runs into difficulties. If you draw this card when you are interested in starting a relationship, do not be afraid to make the first move.

This card also means I am confident, skilful and articulate, effectively directing my energy into practical matters. Highlights independence of thought, willpower, charm and good communication. Now is the time to make use of these capacities and put ideas into practice.


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dayo's mama, writer, web developer, orisha devotee, omo yemoja, dos aguas, apple addict, obsessive reader, sci-fi fan, blog pig, trini-bajan, book slut, second life entrepreneur, combermerian, baby mama, second life, music, music, music!


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