June 2, 2023

My good friend, jazznote left a comment to my post with the Honey Jar spell to sweeten Someone, and I wrote this answer to it.

Of course, once I got going it was hard to stop, and I’ve decided to pull it out of the comment box and post it here.

I’m particularly interested in hearing moonboymac‘s comment on this if he has any.

My comment starts below

Reality is such a subjective thing. We like to think of brick as brick and stone as stone, however I for one believe those things only hold their shape because we all have decided on the laws of our ‘reality’. Read Michael Talbot’s “Holographic Universe”, or some of Einstein’s theorums on reality, (even Pibram or Bohr’s original papers,) and its fundamental nature, and maybe you would see just how subjective reality is and can be.

Even scientists, are proving old estoric ideas to be true…. you only have to be willing to read to find it.

The power of the mind that’s doing the perceiving is what makes things real. People say it all the time, “The mind is a powerful thing,” or “mind over matter”, but they don’t seem to really understand or internalise these things as part of their subjective reality. We as human beings discount the power of our minds, and hence, in my opinion, discount the most powerful aspect of humanity.

So when you say, “Keeping it real,” maybe you should qualify/quantify your statemement with something like, ‘keeping it real for me.’

As for spells and rituals, and their ability to work. I have been a part of numerous rituals over the course of the last year, as part of solitary or as a group, and I for one do not doubt the power of my mind to manifest matter, or that of humans in concert and their ability to manifest matter. I’ve seen too much, done too much. God is in all things, and doesn’t live in Christian churches alone. God interacts with humans in ways not even you can comprehend, or for that matter discount.

I for one, am not going to allow myself to get trapped into the one dimensional thinking Judeo-Christian ideologies engenders. I for one am willing to see the divine in a jar of honey, in the properties in ink, in the power of my own mind to effect my own reality. My Mother Osun, uses honey for much magical work, for much spiritual work. So for me to arrogantly proclaim that honey has no powers at all, would be to negate my belief in Osun’s powers.

On a real fundamental level, you must understand that spells and rituals are a methodic, concentrated form of prayer. Your mind makes them work, your belief and your faith make them a reality.

If you believe than herbs and oils have special properties (and certainly human beings have been operating that way for thousands of years, so on a personal level, why should I reinvent the wheel, or doubt the wisdom of my ancestors?) and that God is everything and everyone, then when you use these materials in rituals etc. you are adding potency to your prayers. In Ifa, the Orisa Osayin, is responsible for all herbs and minerals, and empower all of these with their properties for both positive and negative actions. When you are working with herbs and oils and such, you are working within Osayin’s domain. When you sit in a meadow and are refreshed by the flowers and plants, that is Osayin in your life. If you drink any kind of herbal tea, and it does it’s work in your body, you have Osayin to thank.

Maybe it’s easier for you to sit down in a church and believe that the pastor is the only possessor of power, but I do not believe in that kind of one sided communication with the Divine.

Now many my mind is more powerful than some and less powerful than others. I am also learning how to focus my thoughts and will; hoping to meet God’s will somewhere along the way. If it harms none, so be it.

I just can’t sit idly by and allow my life and other people’s intentions wash over me and bend me and twist me to their own will.

No, no. I believe that God helps those who helps themselves.

I also want to suggest to you, that you may not believe in the power of ritual, but every time you pray and ask God for help, you are in effect casting your own kind of spell; it may be weak, and it may be simple, but it is a petition all the same.

The Honey Jar spell, is precisely that, a petition to the kind spiritual energies in the Universe, to help you to effect a change in your circumstances.

If it’s survived thousands of years, passed down from generation to generation, and every culture has some version of it, wouldn’t it seem fair to assume that there is some truth in it’s ability to work for the person who genuinely believes that it can and will work.

Again, subjective reality, right?

All I’m saying is, don’t dis someone’s faith in something, simply because it doesn’t fit in with your world view.

Keeping your world real, may involve the ommittance of certain ‘realities’, but because you say something has no power, just means it has no power for you.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

I don’t need you to believe what I believe, just respect my right to my beliefs the way I respect your right to yours.

Es todo.

Blessings And Good Things.


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dayo's mama, writer, web developer, orisha devotee, omo yemoja, dos aguas, apple addict, obsessive reader, sci-fi fan, blog pig, trini-bajan, book slut, second life entrepreneur, combermerian, baby mama, second life, music, music, music!


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