November 29, 2023

I feel like killing someone.

Someone has hurt our miko and I feel like killing someone.

Somewhere in the ether, the iyamis are screaming.

Primal women and their spirits;

Clarissa Pinkola Estes Wild Woman

a prism of archetype

a template of female spiritual power

the place where all the rage goes

where all the anger goes

it lives,

the broken souls of women

the containers, vessels of our deferred anger

they have a name

they are real and

they are howling,


Their screams join ours.

They hear us.

I am there

it’s me again

and my rapist stands over me,

spitting on my stomach before he leaves.

I hear the waves of the sea below me

I hear my beloved Mother, Yemoja

I hear Her, but I didn’t know Her name

Not then.

Yet she could hear me.

She always hears me.

Even when,

I am small inside of myself

numbed and stupid,

disbelieving, shattered,





All things remembered.

Everything being burned and imprinted on me.

Being stamped into the fabric of my spirit

To become this thing that makes me

conscious of all

aware of all

connected to even that

a moment in time and

a man I know not

his penis and it’s invasion.

She heard me then.

She was there with me.

I am there with with miko

I am feeling powerless again

and the i cannot stop crying,


right now

there are too many of us

wild women

who are being violated.

we are being hurt and made to pay

for the insecurity of cowards.

I am there with miko

because I was called miko

and people still call me miko

Moments like this

remind me I am never too far

too far

too far

away from where all that anger goes

Someone has hurt our miko

and I want to kill someone.

My power is in my prayers, and right now

I pray for Mama Yemoja

to cover my little sister

Cover all my little sisters

Cover all the mothers and the the wild women

cover them in the salty waters of protection

cover us all and cut away the

stench of power trips

male fragility

and the weakness of the human soul.

Heal us as only my Mamas can

like only She can.

I cannot kill
I cannot fight
I am a child of the Universe

I child of the Universe,

I ask my Mothers,
Mama Osun,
Mama Yemoja
Mama Oya
the Iyamis,
to fight!

Fight for us!

Fight for us because we are weak.

Save us for we do not know how to save ourselves.

Fight for us now!

Fight for miko

Fight for keffi

Fight for the room full of college students, who raised their hands when asked, “How many here have been raped?”




Fight for my mother, from whose body I came,

Fight for all of us!

Ase, Ase, Ase!

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