November 29, 2023

I cannot argue against the disenfranchisement of minority voters. I cannot argue against the cowardice of the democratic party to fight for just causes. I cannot even argue for the veracity of Kerry’s intentions to address these causes once elected. The two parties we vote for are machines, not individuals, and they are indeed both fed by corporate interests.

This said, to consider this years choice as the flip side of the same coin is dangerous. This election reminds me of one held in Louisiana while I lived in Baton Rouge, the Governer’s Race between Edwin Edwards and David Duke. I remember hearing people justify their votes for Duke because of their disdain for Edwards. I remember other’s hopelessness over their “difficult” choice. I remember being frightened by the very possibility that Duke could win.

I have the same fear now. Bush is not the flip side of a well intentioned yet powerless man. He is a facist and a demagogue. His danger is real. As an example, look at how marginalized Nader has become. If we want Nader’s voice to
be heard, we must at least bring the debate back toward the center.

The republicans have managed to make the old “right” today’s center, and they are attempting to push it even farther. I know that I cannot argue that all will be well if we get rid of Bush, but we have to start there to even have the fighting chance for the future.

We must vote in this election.

Dr. Brad Hoge

Lecturer in Geology and Physical Sciences

Co-Director of HUNSTEM:

Houston Urban Network for Science,

Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Department of Natural Science

University of Houston – Downtown

(713) 221-8289

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