May 29, 2023

Maybe I am strange, but I will never understand how it is that JS members manage to get on each other’s nerves quite the way they do.

This one reads this one’s journal and takes offence and launches another journal to tear down the other. Or, someone starts a journal to lampoon the other JS members. Or there is some kind of censorship battle going on. Or this one dis this one, or dis that one.

Why? I mean really! Fucking why?

I want to say all of us are adults here, but actually there are a large number of teenagers blogging here on JS. So that leaves a mix of old, young, ethnic identities, political, sexual and personal persuasions from the darkly bitter to the upbeat. On a site like this there should be and is enough room for all of us.

I believe in free speech, but assholishness is just plain assholishness.

One of the things I love about JS, is that there are so many absolutely wonderful writers here making a difference in my life no matter how small. There are themed blogs and blogs with no theme at all; ideologically ALARMING blogs, and harmless things full of laughs. I laud the veterans and mourn the ephemeral, those who I loved and who are now long gone: FallenGravity, Addidasfreak, Muse-Sick, dieseltangerine and others… at least bluey came back and Ptiza’s blogging at blogspot.

However, there are times when the behaviour of some of the members on this site is just shocking to me and lacking in rationale or even good taste. Other times, there are those who seem rightfully justified in crying out in anger, but most times people take shit too fucking personal, oui?

Thing is, I can’t even keep up with the drama. Some shit went down with Peddiewolf, Oddness and Smotlock, that I still have no idea about, other than Peddie’s gone and Oddness is ‘less than nice’ to Smot these days (I wonder if ever).

Now there’s trouble brewing between LittleTwink and Sunnyside. LittleTwink has even inspired her own hate blog twinkisanutcase. The person’s reasoning is based on the stupidity of starkles, which I on a personal level think is very sweet.

JS-Admin seems unable to take criticism, I’m sad to say, something I’ve long noticed but have kept to myself until now, and I’m a little confused still by ptiza aka dieseltangerine’s blog deletion.

I’ll be the first to admit Smotty is caustic, although that piece on nature wanting to kill him was almost warm and fuzzy. It’s nice he’s in love, even if I don’t think it’s softened him up too much, if at all.

What is it about this community that spawns such vehemence in the anger and attitudes expressed by some, and yet such loyalty and genuine friendship and love in others. I’m not talking about Smotlock here either, or LittleTwink, who are as far apart as you can get on Journalspace and still be at the same domain, but about a general pervasive attitude I see around here.

I have friends blogging here, shit I have family members blogging here. I have also made friends in real life blogging here, and I enjoy so much that JS as a community has to offer. I don’t always agree with everything I read, but a good read is still a good read. I don’t hate authors because they write books I don’t like, I just don’t read them. I don’t take it personally if they have an opinion or ideological stance opposed to mine. I read, absorb, comment if I don’t agree or if I do, but I don’t turn other people’s shit into mine. I have enough personal shit to deal with, oui?

Why is it so many people on this site, seem incapable of maturely handling their differences without lowblows and nastiness?

MysticHooligan and I had a major disagreement over politics played out here in my comment box a week or two ago, and we settled it like adults, ending up agreeing not to agree. (He don’t come here to visit anymore, but you know, I’m not taking that personal either.)

Some of you might remember my own blog drama between myself, mizzthongs and ImFuckingFedUp. That in itself, didn’t turn into a protracted cuss-a-thon… and ill will (at least not here on JS, but you know, on that score, Big Mami still struggling to forgive.) We all three said what we had to say, and well they’re doing whatever it is they’re doing, and I’m here still blogging, and it’s been a year and I haven’t had another incident remotely like it.

Mind you, that was some heavy personal shit, and not anything like some of the rampant, “I hate you, your blog sucks, and you’re a fucking syphilitic cunt” I see going around between JS members who don’t know each other beyond JS.

This kvetching is starting to drive me around the bloody twist!  Come on people, what the fuck is really allyuh stories?

I’ve gotten to the point where it looks like I have people on my faves list who are at war with each other, and well how do you deal with that, other than try to remain uninvolved. As part of a community, how does one remain detached and still function as a member of that community? At some point, a voice of reason must stand up and say, allyuh fucking taking this too far! I am Big Mami, so maybe is me to do it.

I’m not wishing for a idealised world, or an idealised JS, but do other blogging sites have the same kind of drama? It doesn’t really appear that way. LiveJournal doesn’t seem that way, neither does Blogger. There are a dozen other blogging sites, but I see very little mudslinging around there the way I see it around here.

So what is it about Journalspacers that just addicts them to the drama?

I mean why? Surely allyuh personal lives are full of enough bullshit, to not want to incur more in this kind of a forum where it clearly means so little in the grand scheme of one’s day to day existence.

Somebody explain it to me.

Maybe I’m too much a peace and love kind of chick. The only time someone’s comments brought me into my warriors stance was the aforementioned personal drama, nothing else has even raised my blood pressure.

But I remember someone told me once, “You are not everybody and everybody is not you.”


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dayo's mama, writer, web developer, orisha devotee, omo yemoja, dos aguas, apple addict, obsessive reader, sci-fi fan, blog pig, trini-bajan, book slut, second life entrepreneur, combermerian, baby mama, second life, music, music, music!


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