June 9, 2023

There are some of my readers who, like me, are very interested in Tarot reading.

I found this ritual and wanted to share it, because it was an amazingly detailed method for the baptism of Tarot cards in the Orisa tradition.

I found this on the Aeclectic Tarot forums, and at the bottom of the ritual there is a link to the original post and ensuing discussion on it.

I am sharing this here, because 1) I want to keep a record of it here with me in case it gets lost, as does much in the electronic ether, 2) Because I know there are a few of us around here who might appreciate this.

Once it makes its way off the front page of this blog, I’ll make a permanent link to it in the Magic Box.

The only thing that the gentleman does not mention, and should be made very clear, you should wear ritual whites during this series of rituals.

I also recommend covering the head with white as well.


Santeria Ritual for Dressing & Baptizing Tarot Cards



Of the DECK

1. Within a corner of a room in your Home that will not be disturbed or noticed by outsiders, draw the Veve of the Ancestors (I), on the floor. Place the Deck of cards, directly within the middle of the Veve.

2. Directly upon the wall draw the simple but effective, Veve of the Four Corners of the Universe (II).

3. Light a red Candle, and make the symbol of a circle in mid air, within the circle, make a cross.

4. Place the candle at the south of the Veve.

5. On the West, place a clear glass of cool water.

6. To the North, a small bowl of Cemetery or Burial Ground dirt.

7. To the East, place an incense holder with 9 sticks of incense, or 9 cones.

**8. At northwest, place an offering cup of Black Coffee. Coffee is the element of both Earth and Water, and it is the symbol and represents northwest.

**9. At northeast, place the offering of a bowl of un salted, white rice. This offering is the Element of both Earth and Air, and it represents northeast.

**10. At southeast, place 9 cigars, and 9 matches. This offering is the element of both air and fire. and it represents southeast.

**11. At southwest, place a clear glass of either, white wine, clear rum, whisky or gin. This offering is the element of both fire and water, and it represents southwest.

**Before placing the offerings, one at a time, you must present them to the Mysteries of the Spiritual Realm as indicated below.

One by one, hold each offering in front of you with both hands, and arms extended.

“I Honor My Future..”

Then with your left hand, grab the offering, and carefully moving it to your back, with elbows bent, ( do not strain your self ) grab it with both hands .

” I Pay Homage to my Past.”

Bring the offering back in front of you, with your right hand. Hold it again with both hands, and present it to the Third Eye, upon the forehead, the chest, and the torso area.

“I Pay Homage to the Invisible Realm of the Ancestors, and I pay Homage to the Visible Realm of the Living..”

Place the offering in the proper location, on the Veve.

” I Pay Homage to my Present”

This is done with each offering that is presented to the Veve..

Next, the Messenger Orisha Eleggua, is invoked, so that he may, open the doors of the Spiritual Realm, and Guide the Spirit, towards you..

” May the Earth Bare witness, that in this place, I Salute the Mysteries and Powers of Eshu Laroye. ( Eleggua ) With these gestures and this offering, I forge a link with my Soul, in the present, with my Ancestors and those who came before me, is the Past. May Eshu Laroye, who knows the History of my Past, may he chart my Future, and my Path. Oh Great Eleggua, I entrust you to knock down the barriers. Fill the potholes, drive away the enemies, and any instability, envy, sickness, fear, pain, and malice that blocks my road..”

Next to the Veve, place a black cup of Coffee, a Cigar, three Coins, and a Bowl of Candies. The Veve, is to stay constructed for 9 days. The Ritual must take place, after Sun Down, but no Later than 12:00 Midnight. This Ritual, Must be Started and Ended before that time. Every Night for the Next 9 days, return to the Veve, and light the candles, and chant the prayers that are given here. You must perform this at the exact time each night.

“To Guusa, ( south ) I call upon the power of Aina, the Transforming Flame. Transform, my mistakes, sorrows, fears, into Ashes, and carry them away.”

“To Iwo Ooroun, ( west ) I call upon the power of Omi Tutu, the Universal Cleansing Waters. As I cleanse and wipe my Ori, and my Aura, help me to feel light and clean from the sorrows I burned in the flame.”

“To Ariwa, ( north ) I call upon the power of Onile, the Productive Powers of Earth. With this bowl of grains, I will speak in prayer of potential. Called for change, and I will make a commitment of growth.”

“To Ila Ooroun, (east ) I call upon the powers of Afefe, the Cosmic Winds, that will carry my messages to Eshu, may he listen to me, and carry my messages to their source, may they bring forth blessings.”SUPPLIES

Red Candle

Dish of Candies

Glass of Water

Dish of rice

Cemetery Dirt

10 Cigars

9 cones incense

9 Matches

2 cups of Coffee

Glass of white wine / gin / vodka / rum

3 pennies

Naming the Deck

On the Last Night of the Ritual sit in front of the Veve and Meditate. Rub your Hands, to create heat, and place them over the Deck. Do not Force a Name to Come, the Spirit will Guide you. Next Pick up the Deck, and Shuffle them. Go through them one at a time, until one particular card calls out to you. This Will be your Face card. It is the First card, and last card you will see, during any reading. Look at the card, is it a Masculine card or a feminine card? Meditate and Concentrate upon the card, the Spirit will whisper the name in your ear. When the Name has been heard, you will place the face card on top of the deck, and dress it.

Dressing the Cards

Clip a bit of your finger nails, toe nails, and hair from your head, and pubic hair. Place this in a small, clean, empty (oil tube) and cover it with the lid. (( Use a Glass Jar, or of natural fibers, Never Plastic. )) Place this on top of the deck. Now cover the deck with a cloth that best represents the Element of the Spirit. Brown for earth, blue for water, red for fire, or yellow for Air. Place this in a pouch, and then place it in a dark area in the home, where it will not be disturbed for 9 days. It is important that you do not bother the deck either. After the 9th day. Place the Deck on the Boveda. She / He will be ready for readings.

Source: Aeclectic Tarot Forums written by Voodoo_Shaman


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dayo's mama, writer, web developer, orisha devotee, omo yemoja, dos aguas, apple addict, obsessive reader, sci-fi fan, blog pig, trini-bajan, book slut, second life entrepreneur, combermerian, baby mama, second life, music, music, music!


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