November 29, 2023

Maybe this falls under the aegis of ‘Too Much Fucking Information’. But I bought my first panties in nine years today, and my first sanitary pads in something like 20. 

It was a trip. I got some pregnancy panties, stuff that’s supposed to sit low on the waist and grow with you. Also had to get a support bra… cause the bubbies that were big to begin with are flicking HUGE, and lawd… getting BIGGER!! 

Of course it feels alien. Haven’t worn a panty since 1997! Egads…. even soft stretchy material is uncomfortable. Trying to get used to something that close to my poonkie…. 

This is a real weird experience being pregnant. I saw my body for the first time in the mirror and two things kinda struck me… 

1) I have lost so much weight in the last couple of months. Like fifteen pounds I think. All my clothes hang on me… it’s kind of strange. But my tummy is beginning to swell a little… 

2) I have like this amazing network of blue veins running across my breasts and stomach. I signed up for the “What to expect when you’re expecting” newsletter, and they say it’s my blood vessels increasing in size to carry more blood to what is officially called a fetus now. Yet, it was like shocking to see for the first time. 

The support bra is…. wait for it… wait for it… to the tune of a 40F mates… :EGAD!: And I’m fairly sure I’m going to outgrow this one soon, but I got it a little big so I could fill it out, and fill it out I surely will…. HA! 

People are saying I’m glowing, but to me I look washed out. 

At any rate, I am in good spirits right now. Still spotting, but you know… worrying isn’t helping so I’m just going to ride it out and keep praying for the health of the baby. 

Just in a good mood….

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