June 5, 2023
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lj-mood: tired, tired, tired
lj-music: Battlestar Galactica, 0305 “Collaborators”

Kobol’s Last Gleaming Pt. 1: The boxing sequence between Apollo and The Old Man is just briliant. I love how Apollo hits his father hard and asks if he’s alright, and The Old Man just smiles. Later, when he hits Apollo back hard and he obviously feels it, Adama asks him, “Are you alright?” Apollo says nothing, but looks mutinous anyway and The Old Man just smiles. I love it, it’s such a little insight into their relationship.

The Farm: The morning after in the Resistance base camp with Kara and Sam. I love the #160lighting for one, but I loved that Kara got it on with someone who could tease her like that… I liked the attraction and the way it manifested itself between the two of them. People dis Sam, call him Blanders and shit, but I’ve always liked him… from the time he and Starbuck did their version of flirting… duking it out on the pyramid court. Oh, the moment when Anders kisses her hand at the end of this episode is also a close favourite as well… he treats her like a lady, and he’s a gentleman, and Starbuck has probably not gotten that too often from men.

Exodus Pt. 2: The descent of Galactica in the upper atmosphere of New Caprica. Three words: Oh My GODS!!! I don’t think I ever seen anything like it on television! AWESOME!!! I don’t care how many times I watch this scene, it is #160still AWESOME!! If it doesn’t win an Emmy for visual effects next year, I am going to CUSS!

Bastille Day: The morning that Tigh comes into the ready room for a briefing from Tyrol with Callie and Socinus as well…. Tigh had been measuring out his last few days of liquor, and had had a nip from his bottle. He snaps saying that they couldn’t drink salt water, when the report showed loads of sodium chloride on the asteroid that’s going to save the fleet from dehydration. When Tyrol points out that he had Callie test the ice, Tigh makes me laugh when he says, “Whoah ho ho… Well there you go. Pure water. Couple of lemons, we could make lemonade,” and then kind of chuckles. I love this scene. It’s such a simple, throw away kind of scene it’s easy to overlook, but I still laugh everytime I see it… #160I mean Cally couldn’t help herself, and could barely contain her laughter, I certainly couldn’t. This was the moment I started liking Col. Tigh (the old crusty bitch). #160

Resurrection Ship Pt. 2: The first of the two scenes I love in this episode is the whole sequence where Galactica and Pegasus take on the Cylon fleet and cut their ass. The scene with the Vipers flying through and bombing the shit out of the Resurrection Ship itself, deserved a fucking Emmy!!

Resurrection Ship Pt. 2: This is the scene with Baltar and Gina, the abused Number 6 down in the brig of the Pegasus, after the attack on the Cylon fleet. When Baltar lets Gina out of the brig, and she begs him to shoot her because suicide is a sin and she wants to die, and Baltar refuses and then tells her that she needs justice and then hands her the gun. Not only is the scene powerful because it shows Baltar’s continuing obsession with the Sixes, and how he enables them to do damage to the humans, but Tricia Helfer is great as the anguished 6, and makes a decidedly non-glamorous turn (no slinky red dress for this 6). I love it though because, Bear McCreary’s music for this scene is phenomenal. Dude, the drums…

Scar: Now I loved this episode, because I felt it really dug beneath the surface of Starbuck’s character. (And despite the harsh criticism it has received from other fans) my favourite moment of this episode is when Starbuck is in the cockpit and she’s going head to head with ‘Scar’ the Cylon raider that has been the bane of the episode. #160She has a moment where she fades out, and she is overwhelmed by memories of Anders, and I think this is when she really admits the depth of her feelings for the man. I loved it.

The Captain’s Hand: When Apollo stands in the CIC of the Pegasus, having returned after Garner has ordered the Marine sergeant to arrest him, and Garner has foolishly placed the Pegasus in danger, turns out Garner has to go below. Why? Because Garner is was the Chief Engineer prior to becoming Commander of the Pegasus, and there is a serious engineering problem with the FTL drive… he tells Apollo, “You have the con,” and leaves to go deal with the situation. Apollo stands there for a few seconds dazed…. and says, “I have the con,” like a little kid given a pair of boots too big and not sure what to do with them; then he swings into true Adama form. He COMMANDS the Pegasus and while he didn’t make any fancy moves, and was kind of breathless the whole time, he saves the ship and everyone on it. Of course, ignorant ass Garner dies down in the engineering room… #160

The Mini Series: The sequence after the fleet jumps into Ragnar Station, and Billy and Baltar are walking through the ship trying to find where they are going. Tyrol is supervising the loading of the ammunition and looks down the hall and sees Boomer and doesn’t see her. Does a double take. Billy sees Dualla, she plants one serious kiss on him because she’s so glad she’s alive and that he’s alive. Baltar looks at Billy like, “Dude, what did you do to deserve that?” I adore the piece of music playing under this sequence, and both scenes qualify as a favourite moment.

Six Degrees of Separation: Shelley Godfrey (Number 6) is in the head (HA! The bathroom folks, not Gaius’s head), and Gaius is outside of it railing, “No more Mr. Nice Gaius!” He turns around and the viper pilot behind is looking at him like the lunatic he is, “Women,” he quips. Hilarious!

Honorable Mentions:

You Can’t Go Home Again: When Apollo realises that it’s Starbuck in that Cylon raider. I love the way he screams out, and the little wing dip that they do.

Flight of The Pheonix: Love the dedication of the Blackbird. When they unveil the ‘Laura’ on the plane’s nose and Roslin has to choke back tears… in light of the news that she had earlier in the episode… man, I was choking back tears the first couple of times I watched it.

33: The scene when Roslin is told about the baby born on the Rising Star, and she adds the number to her whiteboard… almost made me cry. Mary McDonnell is a boss you hear me? A boss!

Occupation: I loved the scene with Gaeta running like a lunatic to leave a message for the Chief. Not only was Bear’s music BRILLIANT, it was then we realise who the source is. It makes the scene in ‘Collaborators’ when they have Gaeta in the airlock that much harder to watch. I want to jump through the screen and slap everyone there! It also make’s Duck’s death even sadder than it was.

Hand of God: The whole sequence with Apollo flying up the conveyor shaft, and then taking out the refinery is a visual treat. For a long time this was one of my favourite episodes.


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dayo's mama, writer, web developer, orisha devotee, omo yemoja, dos aguas, apple addict, obsessive reader, sci-fi fan, blog pig, trini-bajan, book slut, second life entrepreneur, combermerian, baby mama, second life, music, music, music!


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