November 29, 2023
I just have one question today

I just have one question today. What the heck happened to JaneBuilder?

JaneBuilder is (or should I say ‘was’) an excellent simple yet powerful PHP development tool, that I thought quite remarkable. I first came across it sometime in early 2002, and used it to begin learning about php and mysql.

Granted i had/have been doing other things, but today I went to check up on the progress of the aforementioned app. Instead I get a GoDaddy holding page, and no findable news older than 2003. The freashmeat project page hasn’t been updated in four and half years. I have an old (old, old) V1 copy and a serial number backed up on a disk somewhere, and there are still some servers, where you can download the V2.0 copy, but they’re all woefully expired. As far as I can tell, Jane never released the final version of the V2.0.

Sadly, I know what this is likely to mean. It means in short, there is no more JaneBuilder, and what a pity it is.

It’s not just me asking the question either. I found this post in the Mac Os X Hints forum asking the same thing. It just goes to show you, that there are still people out there like me, who thought that the work she was doing on JaneBuilder was awesome.

I hope Jane is doing ok where-ever she is, and that at some point she gets back to working on JaneBuilder. Although, considering the distance between now and when this project went dormant, I hold out little hope.


Another one bites the dust? Please, please Jane… wherever you are, please revive Jane Builder! Any other bloggy mac geeks out there know anything else about JaneBuilder, and what happened to Jane?

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