November 29, 2023

Oh lawd!!

I am so flicking tired it’s not even a joke.

I worked all weekend and was very exhausted.

This thing in Cacun is freaky. Despite the amazing unity displayed, now all the rich white countries are going to crack down even more and keep trade among themselves rather than deal with the poorer countries on their own terms.

It’s ultimately a sad situation, it’s like we cut off our noses to spite our face….


The Links:

Some good news? :

Winners: South African Aids patients

South Africa has the most Aids cases in Africa.

But the government has not had the money to pay for the expensive medicines that can arrest the course of the disease.

Some, including the President, had also questioned the effectiveness of such Western medicine.

Now, under the deal announced just before the Cancun summit,  South Africa will be able to import cheap medicines to help the millions of people suffering from the virus.

There will still be problems in many parts of Africa in distributing the medicines, and ensuring that they are stored and used safely.

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