November 29, 2023

Osun, the youngest Orisa, was picked by Oludumare, along with sixten male Orisa, to come to Earth, and prepare it for humanity.

She came with them, and after They all arrived, the male Orisa went about busy, busy, busy doing work. They planted crops, They built this and that. They did not tell Osun about anything They were doing and did not include her in Their plans.

When everything They did failed, They flew back to Oludumare, trying to understand how They could be sent to Earth to fail.

Oludumare asked, “Where is the youngest of you?”

They answered, “She is just a female and a child at that.”

Oludumare says, “Return to Earth, and apologise to Osun. I sent Her there with you for a purpose. Beg Her forgiveness, and include Her in everything you do, or nothing you do shall succeed.”

So the sixteen male Orisa, came back to Earth and rushed to Osun’s doorstep. They prostrated themselves, apologised profusely and begged Her to help them.

Osun told them She was pregnant, and said the condition of Her acquiesence was the sex of Her child. If the child was male, She would help them. If the child was female, She would leave them, and never help Them.

One of the Orisas, looking into Osun’s body and spirit, saw that the baby was female. He changed the sex of the baby into male, and the child born Esu.

Esu became The Opener Of Doorways, The Keeper Of The Ase, and after his birth, things began to go smoothly for all the Orisa.

Since then, all things that occur, all rituals, all spiritual work, everything done for Orisa and with Orisa must include proper honour and homage to Osun, the Orisa of plenty, abundance, love, prosperity, intelligence, sophistication, sensuality, sexuality, fertility and the River.

Osun went on to inflame all the Orisa with creative fire and energy, and bore several children for several Orisa. It is Her power that kindled the creative spurt that gave birth to all that is seen and unseen in our world.

This is why my Mother and the energies embodied within Her are so important!

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