November 29, 2023

Pecans will occasionally help some people wit personal finances. Don’t use them in a bath if you eat a lot of pecans, or if you consider pecans a delicacy. This is a tricky bath and while it is good for some people, it can have negative results on others. If you don’t eat pecans, and wish to try this bath… you must use a copper pot.

Copper is considered the metal belonging to Venus and she rules beauty and comfort. Wealth is the condition that helps us live in beautiful surroundings and in considerable comfort, so we use copper here. Cook 6 pecans for several hours. Bathe for 9 minutes and immerse yourself 4 times. Pray for increased personal wealth, income or a change in your financial condition. Don’t be specific about the source of the funds, as the Universe will probably have a better solution than you will.

Spiritual Cleansing (A Handbook of Psychic Protection)  by Draja Mickaharic

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