November 29, 2023

I am beginning to understand that the only way to move beyond the point I am at, is to actually do it. So, as my confidence and such grows day by day, I am taking yet another a big step.

I am starting to work with talismans. I made a list of the things I need, parchment paper, dove’s blood ink, various powders and oils. I was surprised when my local botanica had the dove’s blood ink. I wasn’t expecting it, but in fact they have almost every thing I need to start.

I also have to start lighting my candles. Astra had said I needed to light 21 candles in yellow, and keep them filled. I’m trying to get candle refills, but not having much luck. I have a number of empty candle jars, but the refills are very hard to come by. I prefer to get the refills, because I want to dress my own candles. However, everything and everyone—the shops and other botanicas—only have the seven day candles in the jar already. Bah… I guess I’ll have to make do.

I also wanted to get a big standing/sitting tub, because I’m starting a series of self-prescribed baths and what not. However, they don’t seem to make tubs like what the old people used anymore. Also, I’m a little leery of buying huge items, this close to going to England, because it’s going to be hard to get rid of and I’m certainly not lugging it with me.

Everything is just kind of toodling along you know? Besides my happiness of finding that Julia Star (the local botanica) had all the stuff I need, I’ve been licking a frightful pace at work, being quite productive and such.

The enemy seems to be somewhat subdued, and I hesitate to use the words civil or cordial, but the animosity of earlier days seems to be gone. Dangerous bitch though, so you can never really know.

Payday is today/tomorrow, so it is my hope that I can get all the herbs, oils, powders, waters (Florida and Kananga); the quill, the inks and parchments, all that is necessary. I’ve been going through my books, and making a shopping list; a metaphysical work shopping list, if you will.

Another note: I found two Tarot decks in RIK Ltd, but I am suspicious. Neither one is a standard Rider Waite deck, but they do come with booklets. I’m going to have to search online to see if I can find any information about the decks.

I was asking the lady at Julia Star about the Orisha tarot deck, but they told me they can’t keep it in stock. As soon as they bring them in, they go fast, fast. That’s the deck I really want. However, if I can find any good reports, I’ll buy that deck, even if it’s just to learn on.

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