November 29, 2023

I have decided to begin reviewing the blogosphere again…. Some of you may not know I made an attempt at maintaining another blog devoted to reviewing blogs, blog tools and other associated phenomena.

I must admit two things:

1) I was trying to cross pollinated bloglife with MrWolf’s Journal Pimps, but the experiment seems to be dead in the water;

2) I lost my password and couldn’t log into the thing for months.

However, that has been resolved and now I’m feeling right peppy for a review.

You can go over to bloglife and see what’s there now, and if you think you’ve got skills, send in a request for a review.

Now I do not guarantee review, but I will consider it.

As I mention over at bloglife, I do not review anything based on one visit, but rather on reading or usage over a period of time. I think you can only get the scope of the thing by taking the longview.

So there you go, belly up to the bar!

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