November 29, 2023

Call for Submissions “CaribbeanTales”. A People’s History of the Caribbean. is a new, interactive, audio-visual meeting and recording place, a space to gather Caribbean stories on the Internet as a living popular history. We are looking for submissions to our bi monthly newsletter, which

reports on exciting news and stories from the Caribbean Community.

Do you have a story to tell? About your family or yourself? Is there something happening in your Caribbean community that needs a space to be discussed?

Have you met or been inspired by an amazing Caribbean artist, poet, writer, athlete and want to write something about it? Do you have a new twist on a Caribbean folk tale that speaks to the current generation? We are looking for your story ideas that reflect the diverse, dynamic and innovative community that is the Caribbean, using storytelling as a main vehicle.

We are looking for story ideas on the following subjects:

   * a Caribbean storyteller

   * stories of liberation

   * significant personal history

Please send story ideas to::


[email protected]

(Please put CT Story Submission in the subject line)

or you can mail your submissions to:


Attn: CT Story Submission

99 Gore Vale Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

M6J 2R5


Stories are to be 500-1000 words, and provide digital images as well as audio visual content (such as a video clip, or sound clip). Not sure what contentyou need or can get? Contact us and we can figure out some ideas together. We will pay a small honorarium for stories used. Deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2004.

Please forward widely!

Caribbean Tales is a not-for profit company. All information is © Caribbean Tales, 2002-2004

Please email us at [email protected]

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