November 29, 2023

Would anyone care to help me save some of my domain names?

Because of my current situation I am not in a position to renew them myself, and I need someone’s help to do it. Would someone like to help me please?!

I’ve lost a few of my domains over the years, but I don’t want to lose It’s the one I’ve always managed to keep and the one that everything else is built on.

I don’t want to beg, but I have no pride regarding Sunhead. Someone help me please!

I’ve set up a donations page with BitPass, in the hopes that there are kind people out there who will contribute. It’s not about the domains, but that’s the most serious problem right now. It’s also about the web hosting for these sites.

Let me tell you about Sunhead. Maybe it will help someone understand my passion for this thing it’s become; this thing it’s on the verge of becoming.

I started the Sunhead Project in 1996, and without any funding or sponsorship have been struggling to keep it going ever since. Sunhead consists of Sunhead Magazine,,, and

There’s a part of me that doesn’t believe anybody else understands what I’m trying to do with Sunhead. I’ve written business plans, tried to get help to get Sunhead Magazine into print, but no one in the Caribben believes in this idea the way I do. Everybody says I need to put it in print, and that I am ahead of my time, but no one wants to back this idea financially.

I ultimately want it to be a network of sites providing a platform for the voices of young Caribbean nationals and second and third generation West Indians living in First World countries. I want Sunhead to be a reflection of the irreverant and insouciance in Caribbean young people, their cleverness, their imagination.

I want Sunhead to turn into a media network that shakes up the foundations of Caribbean media, and shows them there is something to allowing their youth a voice. Right now they don’t really have that. I mean radio stations, television, magazines, books.

For me it all comes down to these sites. It’s what pushes me, drives me, keeps me up at all quality hours of the day and night working on the web sites, building them up, trying to make them better and better in the hope that someone will see the diamond under the coal, the way I do.

Right now, even though it has never paid me one red cent, it would break my heart to lose some of these domains and possibly bring down the network I’ve been working so hard to keep going. Especially over the last couple of weeks when I’ve been trying to bring the sites back up; upgrading them and migrating data.

Maybe no one will ever understand. I’ve made these kinds of appeals before, but no one really responds (expcept maybe keifel who helped out that time back in 1997 or 1998). For me it’s not a matter of choice. I don’t have a choice where Sunhead is concerned.

It’s like this responsibility I’ve taken on and never been able to shake. It’s like this call I cannot ignore. When I am wracked with exhaustion, there is always something that keeps me up, adding stories, solving users problems and giving of the deepest heart and part of myself. It’s for the small community Tribe links together, and their unending ability to discuss, talk, express that keeps me and Sunhead going, even when we are both merely running on fumes.

It’s why, I’ve been paying out of pocket for domains and hosting, for the last six years, even when I didn’t have money to eat, to pay rent, to buy shoes. Sunhead has mostly come first with me for the last eight years.

It– this diaphanous ‘IT’, is the thing that animates Sunhead. Even if no one helps me today, I will still find a way. Except, I may lose data (which has happened before), I may lose users (that has happened before), I may lose impetus.

Someone asked me once, “Why do you keep doing it if it isn’t paying you money, if there’s no money in it.”

“I just have to,” was all I could reply.

Right now, quite a few of the domain names have expired and are being threatened to be sold off to whoever wants them because they are listed in search directories, and will get traffic through them to sell whatever service or goods they can. This is what happened to both and I got back, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get back

I have no means to pay for the domains and the hosting for these sites right now, because of the state the recent move to England has done to my finances and it’s why I am appealing to anyone out there who has an interest to help me. Help me to save Sunhead. It’s like my child, my baby, and it’s about to be snatched away. All I want is to give it more life.

Donations to Sungoddess’s Save Sunhead Fund.

You have to register with BitPass for a ‘spenders account’, but you don’t have to spend more money than you want. The donations are at your discrection.

I also created a paypal donate page for those of you who use that service:

You can also contact me via e-mail.

Right now every site in the network is down. I need help soon.

Much thanks to ohans who has donated some money to help.

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