November 29, 2023

So I am alive. Yes folks, Big Mami esta aqui!

Between me and you, I could use some totie insertion. I am so horny these last few weeks, I can’t describe. It’s hard to sleep sometimes.

I don’t have any ‘I Miss YMK’ lamentations to share. I miss him, but you know, I am not checking for him again. It’s sad in a way, but a part of me just knew and that’s why I never let myself go too deep with him.

I’ve been right lonely the last few weeks too. Tired of being by myself and struggling with the world.

I am alright though. Just keeping an even keel right now. I don’t feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed, ah just dey.

I’m thinking that the last five/six months where I haven’t been working has been a a needed rest from the routine of work. I needed it and my life and the Universe conspired to make it so, but I fought it very hard. I suspect this is where much of my distress and fretting has come from. Maybe I should have laid back and relaxed, but I’m not built that way. I’m the chick who hates to sleep because I’m afraid to miss something.

I’ve been meeting a few cuties too. One on Friday night at the club I worked at, one today, both Africans.

Also this taxi driver seems to have a crush on me. He came back after work is over to ‘make sure I had a ride home’. Pity he doesn’t know I’ll never fuck a man named Elvis, and certainly not a taxi driver named Elvis.


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