November 29, 2023

So here I am, one day down in yet another working weekend. I’m going to try and hold out next week and take my day off on Friday next week so I have an extended weekend for myself.

Other than that, life has been fairly mundane.

I’m still sending out CVs, because I haven’t heard yet whether my contract will be renewed, and I’ve only got two weeks to go!!

Shucks! Chile, dat doan worry we! Dem doan worry we!

I am quite happily immersed in all things iPod. I am rediscovering music I haven’t fucked with in years. Mahie also sent me her own obssession, Audioscrobbler and I’ve created  a profile, but although my iTunes plugin worked initially, for the last several days, nada. Nothing I do seems to work.
I’ve also been glutting myself out on Guzzlefish, where I’ve listed my music and movies. I was shocked when I realised my collection is estimated at almost USD$5,500. That’s a whole lotta shit, I gots to tell ya.

The 31st birthday came and went uneventfully. My first phone call was at 12.04AM from W, my nice St. Lucian friend I made  since I’ve been England. He and I are born on the same day, but in different years (he’s about five years younger than me). Anyway, he’s been a good friend to me since I’ve been up here.

Then all day I was getting e-cards, phone calls and birthday love from the folks at work. Also, coming back from work one of the girls on the train (who works where I do, but in a different building and department) bought me a glass of white wine… chile ah was floating all the way home.

But after a day of work, all I could do when I got home was take a shower and go to sleep. Was fairly dull as birthday’s go and certainly no comparison to last year’s celebration.

Not much to report on the man front, other than the regulars are still buzzing. I’m getting calls from both the Jamaican and the Nigerian fella I went out with last October.

Both of them say they’re desperate to see me, and I’m like, “You have to wait.”

:sigh: Definitely a case of the one’s who like you, you don’t like, oui?

There is another one who has caught my eye. Except, we’re in the same office and he’s a team leader. But lord oi, he nice. He nice, nice, nice.

The whole office was rearranged some weeks ago, and when I came to work after the move, there he was. I’d spoken to him via email quite a few times, but he was in another building, and on a campus that big, you don’t really talk to people who aren’t in your department.

Anyway, he’s begun to tease me unmercifully, so that is at least a good sign, don’t you think?

I’ve been surreptitiously inquiring about his marital status and all probes bring back, ‘Single’.

Ahhhh lawd. I don’t even want to brush him. Despite my now acute sexual deprivation, I just not pun dem scenes with anyone. What I would like is to see him outside the office to see if there is anything going on behind that face.

I know he’s there, his job and that he’s West African, but nothing else.

I ain’t so subtle, so I don’t know how to actually go after it and see what’s up, what’s possible, etc. etc.

Anyway, will keep my cool no matter what.

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