November 29, 2023

Do you like cooking?: I’m really a good cook!

I am forgiving by nature and intensely loyal to my tribe (friends and family). I also tend to be tolerant and diplomatic (until I can’t be anymore, then I can be very assertive); I am drawn to the cerebral and believe in the fundamental sexual/divine connection. I am a confident and radiant person, and try to live my life in the absence of hipocrisy. I love to laugh, and make people laugh (I believe it’s good for alll that ails ya!); I love kink without cruelty, love without fear, and men who call me baby..

I like honesty, integrity, financial independence, sexual inhibition and willingness to explore. I like men who read voraciously, who like the world and the joy and heartbreak in it. I find men who really respect women, love them, their beauty AND intelligence enthralling, and men who are open to all that life brings them thrilling. I enjoy intelligent conversation and love the long ones that ramble over unknown territory! I am an Osun-child, looking for a man who knows how to treat a child of the Mother of Love, Creativity and Prosperity.
Lies and deceitfulness are my biggest dislikes. Other than that, I find I am quite tolerant. I take people as they come, not as how I want them. The only thing is many people–men and women–have difficulty with the truth. The truth frightens and alarms them and they find it easier in the short term to sell a lie, without considering the long term effects. Right now, my biggest turn offs are men coming on too strong, and there are many, many men on this site like that. I don’t need or want declarations of love in the first message. I am not a fool so I see right through that (a daughter of Ifa and Osun would). I don’t want to hear how beautiful and sexy I am, I don’t need that sort of validation. What I want to see is a brain working, a soul working and Ori leading and that is a rare, almost non-existant quotient on this site. However, my faith is strong thing, and I believe the brother for me is out there somewhere. Please, please do not contact me if you know in yourself you merely want to have a sexual relationship, you’re still married, have a girlfriend, or profess to be a Christian. We will have problems from the get go.
MY DESIRED MATCH Sex: MaleAged between 24 and 40And located in Anywhere A person with laughter in his eyes and tenderness in his heart; someone who knows how to handle me without making me feel like shit; someone who is a whole circle looking for a whole circle, semicircles are no fun anymore; intelligence and sense of humor (rote i know, but a classic for a good reason!); and when I say intelligence, I mean someone who actually understands and can converse in English with some eloquence and skill; someone who’s not afraid to be a man and let a woman be a woman and the wisdom to know the difference between the two and respect that difference for what it is (a carefully orchestrated plan by nature). I am also looking specifically for someone who practises Ifa and respects his Ancestral traditions.

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