November 29, 2023

My mother went off to Jamaica about a week and a half ago to correct CAPE, and well in that time I’ve been sick, and pretty much at the mercy of my brother. My brother, who rarely cares whether I eat, or feel well, is at the bottom of my list when it comes to sensitivity and caring.

I had pretty much resigned myself to struggling through the couple of weeks, eight months pregnant, alone and with little support from him. He has been true to form, and been as insensitive and shitty as usual. He’s made some strangulation worthy comments about being pregnant, that I am amazed at and been extremely cantankerous and assholish at times. Ah well, he is who he is, and he’s changed very little in all the years I’ve known him.

However, support has come from elsewhere.

When I was going through the worst of my bladder problems last week, one of my close friends OS brought me a bottle of cranberry juice. When that ran out, a few days later one of my mother’s closest friends brought me another bottle of cranberry juice.

On Saturday, another close friend ACH came and took me to get some food, since I hadn’t had a proper meal since the previous week.

On Sunday, another friend (GC) brought me some dinner. Last night, ACH and his boyfriend brought me some pelau, which I had for lunch today.

Tonight GC brought me some bread, apples, plums and granola bars.

And people have been calling in between right through to check up on me, and make sure I’m alright.

Today, another sister-friend CP, came by and braided my hair for me (it was looking like a fowl nest, no joke)… so I have a cute little hairstyle to boot.

It’s amazing… I am so blessed in my friends. Although I had a few go bad on me at the beginning of the year, I realise I have truly have been blessed to have so many wonderful people just thinking about and looking out for me. So I reckon I really have done more good in the world that bad…

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