November 29, 2023
lj-music: Battlestar Galactica

lj-music: Battlestar Galactica, 0316 “Dirty Hands”

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Helo was a Cylon?

Possible spoilers.

It would make sense in a way. It could explain how he and Sharon were able to reproduce (the Cylons think they’re missing love, but with Sharon and Helo the love is deep.) If the 12 models of Cylon represent the 12 basic human types as suggested, then Helo’s one archetype we haven’t seen. His only matching counterpart on the female side would be Six. It would also explain why he was so deeply motivated to suffocate the captured Cylons during “A Measure of Salvation”.

It could also explain why he sacrificed himself and stayed behind on Caprica so they could evacuate a handful of people, including Baltar.

I think that would be such a delicious twist.

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