November 29, 2023

Last week on Battlestar Galactica, we saw how the search for identity affected most of the major cast, but more of that attention was focused on the residents of the Galactica. The stress of the flight from extinction has forced the refugees to evolve, socially and politically and militarily. This week, we got to see more of how the Cylons were affected.

The most startling development? The Raider last week didn’t hold fire on Sam Anders due to any specific orders. Rather, it recognized a fellow Cylon and led the Raiders to break off the attacks of their own free will. Yes, just as the original Centurions (as seen in the Razor movie) evolved into bio-Cylons, the Raiders are evolving. That doesn’t sit well with Number One, a.k.a. Brother Cavill, who regards Raiders and Centurions as tools.

(Read the whole article: ‘Battlestar Galactica’: An evolution of species – It Happened Last Night – Zap2it.)

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