November 29, 2023

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Glass moments

suspended from pendulums

swing in a frame;

each has their own arc,

each has their own smarts,

and they reflect the light

in prisms.

On one end is a moment in time,

13 hours into my future.

On the other end,

Is the drawing on of me.

The swing of moments,

glass delicate

and fragile,

allows a portal to emerge

from the synchronicity of

imagination and


Aligned briefly,

these swinging moments

deliver an opportunity;

a chrysalis of emotion

and a pipe

to flow through.

I am nailed,

riveted to the moment.

The portal appears

and delivers:

This allowance,

This remittance,

This indulgence,

This reward for being light in flesh undeterred.

13 hours into my future

I see a man.

I see him very well.

He`s the one who started

the pendulum`s flow,

the pendulum`s sway,

Seemingly only to

swing me his way.

All I can do is go…

I am held by the invisible.

Held in the moment

by hands unseen;

by thoughts revealed;

by liquid chocolate

poured into my ear.

Shiver inducer,

Voiced seducer.

Increasing me to exceed

a body long


Glass moments,

swing in their pendulum frame

and offer me bliss.

The fractured light displays itself,

like gold on the walls.

Lighting up a room that was

dark and inaccessible.

I want to bounce all the brightness

right back.

Push my heart,

my sex,

my hopes,

through the hole in time,

a door he opens for me…

… the way a gentleman does.

I glow through everyone.

He sets me on fire everytime.

He is the time traveller in my life,

coming from 13 hours into my future.

Possibility is a gift,

never doubt it.

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